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Get Expert Facebook Ads Campaigns Done For Your Business. My service begins by analyzing your business’ product(s) and/or services, then creating your complete campaign from scratch.

What others are saying…

“I am so glad I met Diane. I started my own massage business in September and starting working with Diane in December. I met her at a critical time in the business where I was not getting any online business and knew this was the direction the business needed to take. Diane has done several marketing campaigns for me on facebook. Each campaign has been more successful than the last. My overall online business has skyrocketed, specifically facebook appointments have increased by 700%! These ads have resulted in long-term clients with approximately 90% retention rate. I owe all of this to the dedicated hard work of Diane. I highly recommend her for facebook advertising.”

Sharon Kelly, LMT

” Diane has been great to work with on Facebook advertising. We are getting conversions at a lower CPA than what we pay on Google and Bing PPC. Her targeted approach with the ads and email marketing have worked very well with getting sales for our golf driver enhancement service. We have tried Facebook advertising on our own and with another advertising firm with little to no results. Diane has taken a conservative approach where we didn’t overspend before we saw whether or not this would work which we greatly appreciated.

She is also a pleasure to work with as she communicates very well regarding what the plan is, how things are going and also responds very promptly to emails etc. We greatly enjoy working with her and this has been very profitable for our company. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for additional sales or leads. ”


Steve Mummert, CEO World’s Hottest Drivers


Now It’s Your Turn. Schedule a free 30 minute strategy session where you’ll learn exactly how Facebook ads, combined with lead capture and automated followup can increase your sales or clients, with trackable ROI!


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Video Testimonial From Lynette D. Jones Esthetics


If you’re asking, “What are the steps in the Facebook ads process?” The answer…

==> Big Overview of Business Analysis & Facebook Ads & Marketing Funnel Strategy:

1. Analysis of your business to determine offers that make sense to use with Facebook advertising. What is the lifetime value of clients/customers? What’s a new customer worth? How much money can you make on the backend? What are your metrics? What operations and sales functions do you have in place now to service the leads/sales/new clients?

2. Decision on OFFERS that make sense, based on above.

3. Creation of audiences and targeting that will be most likely to respond to your offer. Custom Laser targeting of your ideal audience and buyer must be done to ensure effectiveness of your FB ads. Creation of audiences and placement of Facebook pixels for tracking and re-targeting campaigns.

Once the audience is defined and the specific offer is agreed, we create the advertising funnel,
which consists of several moving parts.

Creation of FB Ads Funnel:
(This is the design and creation of ads phase of the project)

This includes:

  • Creation of images or image selection & branding, videos, and messaging, copywriting. This is the ad people will see on Facebook in their newsfeed.
  • Creation of where people will be sent after they click on your ad. (design and coding of these pages), including the copy (text), images, and video.
  • Creation and coding of thank you page, (copywriting, images and/or video)
  • Creation of your lead lists. These lists contain the people who responded to your offer, purchased and/or booked your services, and/or provided their name, email, phone, etc.
  • Creation of followup messaging copy to your leads list.
  • Creation of re-targeting ads to your target audience.

More Testimonials:


“I had no idea when I contacted Diane at ClientGiants what I was getting myself into! I knew that i needed some help with an ad campaign, because I had taken my company online and I needed to get the word out and generate some additional clients. I knew that at its most basic, running an ad campaign would be more involved than what I had time to learn. I never realized how many moving parts are involved in setting up a successful campaign. I never would have had the time – or the know-how – to get the results that Diane has gotten!

Thank God for Diane! She took the time to understand my business from top to bottom, inside and out; she made sure she understood who my customer is, what’s important to them, and what they’re looking for; and then she went and worked her magic…and I don’t even know what-all went into that. WAY more than I could ever have done myself. (Way more than I knew there WAS to do!) There was market research, and email campaigns, and creating landing pages, and website and FB page optimization, and targeting, and analytics, and… I get dizzy just trying to put it all down on the page.

Diane handled all of that…and MORE…and started getting folks opting in to my offer. And not only clicking on things for the sake of clicking…these folks send me personal emails before the system can even respond to them a second time. Automation be damned! These people want to know more and they want to know now. They’re hungry and they’re hiring me. It’s getting hard to keep up! – Donna Cicotte

Diane has been a huge asset to our company. Her new ideas for marketing, and intuitive thinking has totally transformed our business. She took over our current Facebook marketing strategy, and gave it a big facelift. We are in the nutraceutical/supplement space and are working on some new projects with her at the moment. We can’t wait to see what new ideas she comes up with!

– Nathan M.
Fx Herbals


Now It’s Your Turn. Schedule a free 30 minute strategy session where you’ll learn exactly how Facebook ads, combined with lead capture and automated followup can increase your sales or clients, with trackable ROI!


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.52.13 PM